Matthew Charles

Artist | Designer | Entrepreneur

Matthew Charles was born and raised in Edmonton. In 1990 he moved to Calgary to attain his diploma from the Alberta College of Art & Design, and in 2000, his degree (BFA, Visual Communication) at the University of Calgary.

In the years that followed, Matthews experiences has been many; from working in several design medias, print, animation, sculpture, marketing and painting. In 2006 Matthew took some time off to travel, driving across Canada and the United States.

The experience of visiting many landmarks & galleries in great cities like Los Angeles, New York, Montreal & Ottawa, has left Matthew Charles with an immense well of inspiration to draw from.

Matthew has since then moved back to the Edmonton area in 2007 to be close to his family. In 2009 he purchased a house in, Spruce Grove, Alberta where he currently has his home office.

In 2013 Matthew, along with his wife founded Charlie Rabbit Inc, named after his first daughter. Charlie Rabbit started as a crafted chalkboard company, but has since evolved into a creative studio for home decor.

As with most artist, Matthew is constantly learning and exploring new mediums. In 2017 he began to use his Photoshop skills to create new works of art. He feels that in today’s mass market and world wide connection through the internet, he can create and distribute his art more efficiently and effectively.